Crochet Blog

20th August
I often see people making their own crochet hooks so I thought I would have a try, I had some thick Buddleia branches that had been drying out so I gave one of them a try.
I have started off by just experimenting making handles and inserting a metal crochet hook into the centre of the handle.

Buddliea Crochet Hook

Using a sharp knife I started by stripping away the bark then started to shape the branch into a handle then shaped it using a file and sandpaper. I gave the finished piece a coat of paint then glued the hook into the centre of the handle.
Crochet hook custom handle

30th July
I do enjoy crocheting Cacti, I have added a new pattern to my Etsy shop. The pattern is for a segmented succulent cacti and soil that fits into a 3inch pot.
Crochet pattern for a succulent cacti

25 May 2023
Summer is on it’s way and with warmer nights and longer days the weather is ideal for paddle boarding. I live fairly close to the Humber estuary which is excellent at high tide for paddle boarding. If the early sunrise coincides with high tide the Humber is a beautiful place. I use a Jobe inflatable board which I am really happy with.
High tide was at 18:00hrs giving me a couple of hours on the water, usually an hour before and an hour after high tide.
Jobe paddelboard on the Humber Estuary

13 May 2023.
I have finally finished my Etsy Shop. It’s taken a while as I have been making stock and trying different things to see what work best. I have added a few crocheted blankets, a digital washcloth crochet pattern and a multifaith prayer shawl.
Another favourite pass time is paddle boarding and living very close to the sea I get out when ever possible, so I have also added an adjustable paracord water bottle holder that takes different sizes of bottle and will keep it safely secured to your paddleboard.

After months of dedicated work and experimentation, I am thrilled to announce the grand opening of my Etsy shop. Each piece has been carefully crafted with love, ensuring that you receive a one-of-a-kind creation that adds beauty and functionality to your life.

Creating my Etsy shop has been an incredible journey of exploration and creativity. I have spent countless hours to perfecting my craft, trying various techniques, and meticulously selecting the best materials. This process has allowed me to curate a collection of items that truly represent my passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Image of Etsy Shop.

Here’s a link to my Etsy Shop.