Crochet Patterns

30th July
Crochet Cacti Pattern
I do enjoy crocheting Cacti, I have added a new pattern to my Etsy shop. The pattern is for a segmented succulent cacti and soil that fits into a 3inch pot. It’s a simple pattern to follow and can be made quite quickly. You use Dk yarn or cotton yarn it depends which is your favourite or what you are comfortable with.

Crochet pattern for succulent cacti

Rug Mug Simple Crochet Pattern using the Suzette stitch.

For this Rug Mug I use Paintbox Cotton Yarn and a 4mm hook.
(UK Version DC Double = crochet, TR = Treble Crochet, SK = Skip)
To start off chain 18.
Row 1
Turn the work and DC into second chain from hook (stitch 17 in your starting chain).
(DC1 and TR1 into next stitch, SK1) 8 times.
DC1 into last stitch in row (note: this DC means you miss the last skip in the 8th Suzette repeat).
Ch1 turn. 18

Row 2
DC1, SK1, (DC1 and TR1 into next stitch, SK1) 8 times. Miss the last skip and DC1 into last stitch in row.
Ch1, turn. 18

Rows 3 – 17 Repeat row 2.* 18

Row 18 Repeat row 2, but at the end of the row, DC2 into the final stitch. 19

To finish continue to DC all the way around, DC2 into each corner, creating a nice border for your square. Fasten off when you dc into the final stitch of row 18,

The Rug Mug is a square so depending on your tension you may find you need to add rows or don’t make as many rows to create a square. Check your progress as you go by folding your work in half, bottom right corner to top left corner to see how your edges line up.

I currently have this Crochet pattern available on Etsy. I will put more patterns here in the near future.

Bubble stitch wash cloth pattern available on etsy.