Succulent Cacti

I have recently got into crocheting Cacti and flowers. I always think crocheted cacti look really effective, they are fairly simple to make. I have used standard acrylic DK yarn and am happy with the results, I would like to try using Amigurumi cotton yarn for an even better effect.

Crocheted Cacti Succulents
Crocheted Cacti Succulents

The arrangement above is made from various patterns I found on the Internet, the steel cup had been sitting around the house for a while so I used it as a planter.
The soil base is just a crocheted ball in brown yarn, I kept stuffing it then crocheting a few more rounds until I was happy with the size.

Crocheted succulent cacti on driftwood.
crocheted succulent cacti on driftwood

This piece was created using a piece of dried out driftwood that I found on the beach. I started to create different types of succulents to pass through the holes in the wood.